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Reinvent the Meal

Ideas for eating seasonally and reducing food waste.

We love to enjoy seasonal food from our farm and others around us.  In our ideal world we could source all of our food from within a one hundred mile radius (or less).  We aren't there yet but this is a space we can share ideas for how to get there by eating locally and seasonally when we can. 

Additionally, we do our very best to eliminate food waste in our home.  We find ourselves planning our meals around a few ingredients for the entire week to ensure that nothing goes to waste and that we don't get bored eating the same leftovers.  Hence the name of the blog.  By reinventing your meals, you are adding variety to your weekly routines, reducing food waste, and eating the food you already have.  

Also, eating seasonally is best for our health and the environment but it can occasionally feel repetitive.  I know we are doing well with eating seasonally when I'm almost sick of whatever it is that's in season.  We are always trying new recipes to counteract the repetition so it always feels new! I hope you feel inspired to connect with local farmers, to try new vegetables in new ways, and to use everything in your refrigerator or counter before going to the store. 

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